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What To Do If You Want Your Edibles To Kick In Faster

What To Do If You Want Your Edibles To Kick In Faster

Consuming edibles is often tricky, especially when you have no idea what your body can tolerate. We have different bodies; the way you react to a specific dose of cannabis edible may not be the way the next person does. Body chemistry is unique, and so many factors react with it to determine the intensity of an edible session.

Tricks to Make Edibles Kick in Faster

We’ve come a long way from when you had to wait for an hour or two for your edibles to kick in. With these options, you can hasten up the onset of cannabinoid effects.

Try Sublinguals

Sublinguals are edibles you can place on or beneath your tongue. Use lozenges, lollipops, mint strips, or tinctures; these allow the THC to quickly enter your bloodstream through your mouth tissues. Within minutes, the effects start to show.

While this method results in a hastened onset of the buzz, the effects will fade faster than regular edibles. This is because these sublingual edibles aren’t fat-based.

Consider Infused Drinks

Cannabis- Infused beverages and other drinkables go through the normal digestive system cycle. However, drinks are less bulky and move faster through the route, causing the cannabinoids to be delivered earlier.

You can make your infused drinks with beverages and juices, or you could purchase premade products. Either of these works and is guaranteed to get you high faster than usual edibles.

Take Edibles on an Empty Stomach

This is one of the surest tricks to make an edible hit faster. When you consume edibles alone on an empty stomach, your digestive system has no choice but to process them. When your stomach and digestive tract is filled with food, your body has to process all the food first. There’s no way to modify the digestive process; you have to wait.