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Is It Safe To Use Cannabis With ADHD Medications?

Is It Safe To Use Cannabis With ADHD Medications?
Some users may find that while they are able to make use of the cognitive benefits offered by ADHD medications, marijuana is effective in tapering out the side effects of the drug such as irritability or insomnia. It can even provide a blissful, euphoric high but the risks simply outweigh the rewards. But no matter how safe some people claim it to be, there is always a huge risk involved when combining marijuana with other substances. One is a stimulant, the other is a depressant. While there is a dearth of studies examining the dangers between Adderall and weed, the data we have on each of these medications is sufficient to advice against it. This is what can happen when you mix both marijuana and ADHD drugs at the same time:
  • Extreme stimulation: The heart rate can increase to dangerous levels, which is bad enough for people who already have existing heart conditions. While some people’s cardiovascular systems can handle it, this can be a devastating occurrence for others and it can lead to permanent heart problems or even death.
  • Arrythmia: Irregular heart rate and arrythmia can occur as a result of mixing the two drugs. One can easily overdose on Adderall when you add marijuana to the mix.
  • Existing mental health problems can worsen: For anyone who already struggles with ADHD, schizophrenia, anxiety, or just about any other mental disorder, mixing the two can result in delusions and hallucinations — not the fun kind.
Marijuana is a medicine that works best alone in the human body. We have endocannabinoid receptors that bind to the molecules in the plant, working their healing properties when we consume THC, CBD, or a combination of both in any way. Whether you mix it with other relaxants or stimulants such as ADHD drugs, it can cause unwanted effects on the human body — even at supposedly safe dosages — that can lead to death. So just because your friend is having a great time mixing marijuana with ADHD drugs doesn’t mean that it would have the same effect on you. These days, there’s so much hype about marijuana because it’s widely used and considered among the world’s safest medical and recreational drugs. At the end of the day, its safety is based on how it’s used, and when you put other meds in the mix, it may no longer have the same safety profile compared to its use alone.